BIO Herman van de Poll


Born: November 5, 1952 in Amersfoort - Holland


Education: 1998 - 2001 Academy of Arts Academy Minerva, Groningen autonomous BK painting





Geometric Chaos (geoChao)


The language of my work is based on the mathematical form from chaos theory.

I immersed myself in the chaos theory and fractal geometry. The ideas of chaos theory and fractal geometry lead to the development of the compositions in my work. I use triangles, squares and circles in my paintings. In my current series geoChao I let off the triangles and circles and I only directed me to the squares and the relationships between the squares.

I develop my compositions by little squares to put large or vice versa. It is about the relationships between the squares. I leave the method I choose determine the composition. For example sudoku, binairo, trinairo crossword puzzle and others.


The process to arrive at a composition where you have little control, I find always exciting. It's a meditative feeling. Through the "drudgery" and the intense concentration I go into a trance. It is a spiritual experience.

The most exciting I find the "dismantling" the removal of the Kiptape. Until the moment the whole remains hidden and remains a surprise.